AMD Rzyen Drivers Now Offered Through AMD Directly

Drivers for mobile Ryzenów are coming straight from AMD for everyone
Starting this quarter. Users of portable computers with Ryzenamio models and Ryzen 2000 processors, will receive software updates straight from AMD. Mobile drivers are included in the same branch of development as drivers for desktop cards.

Radeon software updates related to the premiere of new games “game ready” games will now be available to users of all current and upcoming mobile re-bands. You will simply download everything with one package, regardless of whether we have a mobile Ryzen or a desktop Radeon.

This is a significant change to previous years. So far laptop manufacturers have reserved the possibility (and obligation) of issuing new versions of drivers which almost always gets neglected once they start shipping new versions of their popular lines.

In many portable computers, it is not possible to easily install the latest versions of drivers from AMD, Nvidia or Intel websites. This problem was particularly severe in the case of laptops with mobile revisions.

Users reached for such unusual and unfriendly ways as downloading archives belonging to the Windows Update service and extracting the AMD GPU driver from them. It would be nice to think that it was just a narrow but loud group of users that “won” this change, among others thanks to repeated complaints at Reddit.

However, we suspect that AMD eventually had to take matters into their own hands – otherwise, it would not be possible to guarantee the operation of e.g. the DRM chain necessary for streaming 4K and HDR movies.

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