2018 Phone Notches Coming To An End

2018 will be known as the year of the notch, as major phone makers followed in Apple’s footsteps by inserting a cutout at the top of the display. But Samsung is doing away with that for 2019 with the long-awaited Samsung phones and their infinity displays. The display will feature cut outs directly into the screen for a more fluid design.

As we approach 2019 we will see the next advancement to technology in the phone and samsung is leading the way, with in screen fingerprint readers, faster processors, more ram, & and insane graphics processors, there is no limit on what our phones can do. Hopefully the next phase is to replace the laptop completely and truly embrace the portability of a smartphone as a full fledge productivity device.

If your phone could serve as your primary everyday OS which could dock into larger screens, and make you as productive as a standard computer would you ditch your laptops?

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