iPhone XR Review For Non Tech People

The iPhone XR is not a thousand dollar iPhone just starting at $749, and for most people, this is the best iPhone just because of the price point. You may be thinking I should you cough up extra $250 for the premium iPhone 10s or 10s Max but don’t get pulled into that cliche. Let’s help you decide and take a look at the iPhone XR as a more affordable option.

Let’s be realistic first there are not a ton of iPhone XS’s just floating around. Most phones are still older iPhones. iPhone sixes, sevens, and eights because the iPhone 10 just didn’t hit that massive wave that Apple may have expected.

The Iphone XR Screen

Tech experts say the screen is sub-par but they are not comparing it to iPhones that people are coming from but high-end phones out. The iPhone XR is a better screen when comparing previous models. The resolution is another sensitive subject but this is another upgrade for many people and iPhone users with a lower resolution phone. So this phone for many people will be an upgrade or a lateral grade when you compare it to the offerings of Android like the OnePlus at a cheaper price point.

You are getting a better screen at a price point most people can agree to afford. You can even get the iPhone XR for even less with different promotions going on. At $749 you get to 64-gigabyte model. $799 gives double the storage to 120gb, and if you jump your budget to $899 you have a 256 GB version which is still $100 cheaper than the entry-level iPhone 10s.

For many, the look of the iPhone XR is indistinguishable from the iPhone 10s. Yes; they do look different, we are not saying that they don’t. However, once again we’re talking about the average consumer. Those are the people that are going to make up the majority of the purchases, and they don’t know the true differences between most features offered on the more expensive iPhones.

iPhone XR is Made For Everyday People

Everything Included with The Iphone XR – Box Contents

The iPhone XR comes in five colors to choose from blue, white, black, yellow, coral, and red. One noticeable difference on the iPhone XR is the single shooter camera versus the dual camera that you’ll find with the iPhone 10s. How does this phone match up to the 10s? Is it worth the extra $250? Long story short: The iPhone XR meets all the current day needs for mobile usage. The bionic chipset is the same chip found in the 10s however it’s paired with 3 GB of RAM vs. 2GB of RAM.

You have to ask yourself does that one gigabyte of ram mean anything to the average consumer? For most everyday tasks you won’t notice it, but when the phones are held side to side, you can see that bounces between applications are not as fluid as you would see on the 10s or the 10s Max.

Average consumers at the end of the day that want the newest iPhone or want need an affordable iPhone are not going to be concerned with this performance blip. The iPhone XR is extremely Snappy and will satisfy a majority of users that are not technophobes.

Modern Day iPhone XR

It feels like a modern-day iPhone, and that’s the objective; to feel like a modern-day iPhone. The big one here is battery life. The XR has phenomenal battery life. We can thank the screen for that since it’s using an LCD panel at a lower resolution. The lower resolution does not push graphics harder which in turn consumes less power that high-resolution screens run into.

The significant difference that maybe a concern in extremely well-lit areas is that the phone is not as bright as the more expensive iPhone and also the text is not as sharp. Once again, you have to be in some extreme conditions for this to really matter, but we do have to point it out. You can definitely see the compromises are at with the iPhone XR. Are these compromises worth it to you? That’s what you need to answer before making a decision to purchase a more expensive phone.

The iPhone XR Camera

Let’s move on to the camera since that is where many people will spend their time using their phones. Without getting too much into the nerd talk, the camera holds its own compared to most other phones. The lack of secondary camera will not be missed unless you are addicted to depth blur. The other downfall is the ability to zoom in without losing quality due to the secondary cameras usually already providing a deeper zoom then the primary. Dynamic range is also lacking compared to more expensive phones. It’s a good camera but does not expect to make iPhone commercials with this phone. For the price, it’s where it belongs, but don’t expect anything extraordinary.

Learn More About The iPhone XR

If you are coming from an older iPhone 7, 8, or even 6 this is a huge camera upgrade for you, but if your buddies have a iPhone 10S and you want to compare pictures, you’re going to see a difference between the 10S and 10R.

Summary of iPhone XR

The iPhone XR nails the things that are going to be relevant to real people and not Tech bloggers. Battery life and camera is good, and it’s a solid iOS experience. All significant apps will run without a hitch and it has faced ID baked in. It is s a modern iPhone just not revolutionary. Just because it doesn’t have that thousand-dollar price tag doesn’t mean this might be Apple’s best iPhone for the average consumer. When you factor price this phone looks extremely attractive.

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