Madden 2020 Almost There But Still Sucks

I’ll try to keep this short and simple. The storyline at the start of “face of the franchise” is awesome, some of the additional features are awesome, the movement of players still feels slightly scripted but really good compared to previous years. Overall it’s a good improvement and prob one of the better feeling madden releases to date.

The biggest improvement is def all of the new abilities players have, they truly make a huge impact on the game and make it feel more realistic; forcing you to adjust. Probably one of the best gameplay maddens they have ever released

Now here is the but…

“Face of the franchise” & “Franchise Mode” fizzles out after the first season or two. I was really hoping for more story once you get into the NFL, but sadly it just turns into the same run of the mill, week after week grind with no real purpose unless you love sim-ming 10 years without building the actual team or player.

Franchise mode still feels like a second thought, and may never get the features that are requested in different communities around the net.


I guess at the end of the day if all that people play is MUT or Online head to head, it improves these areas significantly and will provide an extremely enjoyable experience especially on PC where everything is just so buttery smooth. If you have not played on pc recently, you definitely need to. For people that used to love franchise mode, it does not appear this mode will ever get the treatment it truly deserves. Overall the game is extremely solid and enjoyable to play with great replay value.

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