Brawlhalla A Smash Brothers Clone Worth Playing

You Need To Get Brawlhalla!

Many times copy cat and clones of any Nintendo game never pans out the way we expect. Sometimes the gameplay is so cheesy, it is not worth playing, but Brawlhalla is nothing like that. It feels excellent and the controls are very smooth and polished.

Brawlhalla originally came out in 2017 and had gone through some significant updates with a huge player base to boot. To be next level or even game-changing, we feel some minor improvements need to be made to create a game to be played by all.

Pros Of Brawlhalla:

  1. Simple Controls to learn
  2. Large Array of Characters
  3. Unique and fun gameplay
  4. Easy to pick up and just play
  5. Its FREE!

Cons of Brawlhalla:

  1. Could use even more intense battle fights.
  2. The initial blows feel a little soft.
  3. Weapons need to be more deadly when equipped.
  4. Sometimes you miss punches, maybe make the hit boxes slightly bigger

Overall Brawlhalla if a big enough fan base can make this game big, could be a potential sleeper in the gamer community. It is wildly fun and crazy addicting. The minute you pick it up and intuitively already know how to play. Once you pick up the power and combo moves the game takes on a whole new level of fun.

I highly suggest picking up your copy of Brawlhalla in the steam store as this game surely has high replay value. We just hope it continues to be polished and maintained, because this game has the chance to really explode into something unique!

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