We Are Finally Seeing The End Of The Steve Jobs Era At Apple

Steve Jobs has now been gone since October 5 2011 and Apple has been riding the coattails of that success up until this year. We saw this happen when steve jobs was first released from Apple in the 80’s. But we are finally seeing what apple is without steve jobs again.

That is a company that is slow to innovate and push boundaries, a company that looks like every other cell phone manufacturer trying to appease every person with different style phones & sizes. With cell phones planned on pushing over $1500 it is no surprise to see the market start to crumble. Once you get past the 1K boundary on phones people start to feel taken advantage of.

They start to question what exactly am I getting out of this phone that a Laptop at this price range can’t provide? Steve Jobs had it right the first time, phones are meant to be consumption devices where you take in information. Sure with the increased power of the phones they are capable of more, but the limitations are not the power, but the interface.

Why spend two to three hours trying to edit a photo using a touch screen, when you can edit a photo in less than a couple of minutes on a computer or laptop. The next evolution is not going to be different size screens and more power, but the all in one phone.

Apple led the way in luxury and simplicity during the steve jobs era, but with Steve Jobs death the company feels as though its lost its way. The Apple Company is not sure how it wants to approach its product lines and is literally marking up and selling old hardware tech as new with updated cases to hold the guts.

The next evolution will be an all in one phone where your phone serves as a multi-function device where both a laptop os and a mobile os live in symbiosis. If apple simply merged Mac OS and IOS together as one system, you would have consumers flocking for iPhones again like moths to a flame.

The one company trying to innovate in this space is Samsung with their DEX Station allowing you to use your android device as an OS. It has it’s problems sure, but to demand a high price for a phone, it better support features that no other phone currently has and this is how Samsung is going to change the space if they can genuinely get users to give up their laptops for a true all in one device.

Another Company that can quickly take advantage of this is Microsoft. They have been working for years now trying to create an ecosystem of apps that work seamlessly across all devices. Sadly Microsoft gave up on its mobile division, not because they lacked a great product, but because of developer support and spam that plagued the phone since the start.

Android will essentially serve as Microsoft’s new mobile platform and if they can figure out how to leverage their operating system to merge with Android, microsoft may very well end up beating the curve in this regard.

Do you think Apple’s Mobile Reign is over? Or is this just the lull before Apple takes it’s products to the next level? Let us know in the comments below.

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