Patriots Hired Security Team To Prevent Josh Gordon Relapse

The New England Patriots traded for wide receiver Josh Gordon back in September, they certainly were aware of the risks. The understanding of Gordon’s weed addiction and mental health didn’t stop there. The Patriots designated a security team to “watch” the talented receiver to stop any sort of relapse that would lead to a suspension.

The team obviously failed as sources say Gordon found a way to evade the security team the weekend of New England’s bye week, Nov. 18. This is most likely the reason Gordon was handed an indefinite suspension on Thursday for violating the league’s drug policy.

The Patriots were willing to help Gordon stay away from problems which is not typical for many players in the NFL had they not believed in his talent. If he was just a basic receiver, the team likely would not even bother trading for him. Especially not hiring a security team to keep tabs on him.

Ultimately the Patriots did not know how bad Gordon’s addiction and mental state were truly affecting him. Many understand his affliction, but other have not been as receptive to him leaving the team in the middle of playoff contention.

What do you think of Josh Gordon leaving the patriots before they finish the season?

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