Arizona’s Steve Wilks Fired By Cardinals After One Year

The Arizona head coach was fired by the Cardinals on Monday, the team announced. Wilks told his staff during a meeting which was later confirmed by the Cardinals making it official, a source told NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport.

Arizona had the worst offense in the NFL in Wilks’ first season, ranking last in points per game (14.1), total yards per game (241.6), passing yards per game (157.7) and rushing yards per game (83.9). Wilks fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and continually made player changes through the season. Causing an extremely team to look very disorganized. The mistakes were plenty. Everything from bad play calling, to a team that looked confused almost every play.

If it was only the offense that sucked with rookie quarterback Josh Rosen, maybe the depressed first season could have been overlooked. However, Steve Wilks’ defense was bad, and that is what his speciality was! The Cards’ run defense went from allowing 89.6 yards per game and 12 rush TDs in 2017 to 154.9 yards per contest and 25 rush TDs in 2018.

Reports also surfaced that Arizona players just didn’t play for the coach. They appeared almost lax-a-dasical on the field. Hoping for the season to just end already. If a head coach can’t motivate players, then the season is already lost no matter the talent on the field.

This move was a much needed move, and the offseason should show some promise with a guaranteed 1st round draft pick.

A Few Thing That Need To Happen:

  • Rebuild the entire O-Line
  • Sign one of the many quarterbacks that will come available (Nick Foles Comes to Mind)
  • Sign A Seasoned Coach Head coach (Mike Mccarthy?)

There will undoubtedly be some debate on who the next Head Coach will be with fans as well as the QB Position and if Rosen is their future. I mean the Cardinals that Leinhart was their future too and look how that turned out.

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