Nike To Release Self Lacing Shoes 2019

Marty Mcfly from Back to the future popularized the hope for self lacing shoes and hoverboards. Our hoverboards don’t hover and occasionally explode in a blaze of glory, but it looks like self-lacing sneakers from Nike have been set in motion for 2019.

This is an improved version from the original shoes that cost $720 released years ago. But 2019 will provide an improved design with a better price of $350. Better price being subjective as a majority of sneaker buyers can’t justify the cost.

Nike confirmed the news in its most recent earnings call. Executive Vice President stated the sneakers would launch in spring of the next year, and can be used as a legitimate basketball shoe on basketball courts.

What do you think of the Nike 2019 Version V2.0 Self Lacing Shoes? Are they worth the $350 price tag? Let us know in the comments below.

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