Lamar Jackson The New Michael Vick In Madden 2019

Check out this outrageous Madden 2019 Game presented by where Lamar Jackson from the Baltimore Ravens runs all over the Seahawks defense. The CPU does a pretty good job after just a few plays trying to put a spy on Jackson, but the Hailmary Trick removes the spy.

A couple of major flaws are exploited in the game. As well as issues with the running mechanic at QB. Especially when trying to initially get out of the pocket. The game clearly is trying to prevent running with the QB in any instance. The game also clearly has a CPU mechanic that will spy a QB when a QB leaves the pocket too often. This gameplay mechanic can be exploited with cross routes against the defense will rolling out of the pocket.

Note: we don’t suggest running or playing in this style in head to head matches as it is not a foolproof way to win, but it does show you have the capability to run often with Lamar Jackson in madden 2019 and exploit some extremely glaring holes in the game.

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